Friday 17 March 2017

Putting back.

Growing the base of gaming.
Most of us have benefitted from the various mind sports that we play. Some of us would like to put something back into the various games, but maybe haven't given it much thought. Most clubs in SA are short of manpower and therefore almost always short of cash.

Every club is desirous of having growth and has looked at ways of growing. Clubs have had newspaper article, radio announcements, opened their doors to the public, moved into wonderful premises, and yet. still very little fruit for the efforts made have been seen. 

To grow a club takes time, especially when it comes to wargaming, due largely to getting armies onto tables.

Nevertheless some clubs see a multi-faceted approach to getting growth. By developing the game of Morabaraba or console gaming, clubs are able to access a relatively inexpensive way to get more players to join. Such players already know how to play, and just need to be roped in and given an identity.

Such clubs have participated in MSSA events catering for these types of games, and as a result have seen the rewards in a cross-pollination of members where members would be attracted to the more demanding games on offer.

The advantages of catering for a broader base may include:

a) Attracting sponsors, and

b) Becoming more inclusive, and

c) Attracting a greater amount of community support.
The spin-offs are endless.

My request to all MSSA clubs is therefore to get involved in the development of all games, especially at school level. The dividends can be most rewarding.

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