Wednesday 22 March 2017

Swiss e-Sports Federation: New Board Members

SeSF president: Mr Vinzenz Kögler 
On Saturday, March 18 2017, the Ordinary General Meeting of the Swiss e-Sports Federation has elected the following person into the Board:
-          Vinzenz Kögler, President, (as before)
-          Boris Mayencourt, Vice-President, (before: treasurer)
-          Cédric Schlosser, Treasurer, (new treasurer)
-          Yann Beaud, Board Member, (new board member)
-          Pascal Burri, Board Member, (new board member)

All positions on all organs of the SeSF were scheduled for re-elections during the 2017 General Assembly. 
In the weeks before the assembly, the Board has received several applications from members to run as candidates for position in the federation.
Of the current board, only Vinzenz Kögler and Boris Mayencourt decided to re-apply for a position on the board. Rafael Kink, Stephan Mäder and Tom Riat expressed their wish to no longer continue in their active position on the Board. Thus, making space for at least three fresh faces.
Vinzenz Kögler was successfully re-elected as President. 
Boris Mayencourt, who acted as Treasurer in the past term of office, was newly elected to the position of Vice-President. 
Cédric Schlosser from mYinsanity as Treasurer, 
Yann Beaud from PolyLAN and Pascal Burri from SILENTGAMING complete the new Board of the SeSF.
With the newly elected members of the Board, some of the largest and most influential organisations in Swiss e-Sports accept more responsibility. Considering their vast experience, the extensive personal networks and their energy, this new Board appears very promising in regards of the SeSF’s challenging aspirations.
The Revision Board and the Control Commission changed in a similar fashion. Continuing with some of the current members as well as new joiners. Nicolas Pidancet from the cantonal e-Sports Federation of Geneva and the Geneva Gaming Convention, and Cyril Dettwiler will remain in the Revision Board and will newly be reinforced by Nicolas Giller from the QWERTZ Café in Lausanne. 
The Control Commission will continue with Nguyen-Phuong Le aka. “Drez” and Marco Wettstein, who have both been already involved in this organ in the past months. Nicolas Pidancet will be representing the Revision Board on the Control Commission, Lukas Jakob from ArcticGaming and former SeSF Board member Tom Riat complete the commission. 
The weeks to come will be characterized mostly by hand-over and on-boarding of the new faces, SeSF is confident that new progress will soon be visible.

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