Monday 13 March 2017

Qualifying for National Team Trials through Regional Championships.

MSSA's Protea Team in Jakarta.
Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) Regional Championships are viewed by the membership as a whole as an important aspect of the South African championship circuit.

Not only do Regional Championships help member clubs raise finance, but the Regional Championship too: 

  • Increases MSSA's footprint by bringing championships to areas where championships are not normally held,
  • Allows players from all around the country to earn a berth in the National Team Trials,
  • Helps promote the popularity of game titles not played at provincial, national, and international competition.
It should be noted that the winner off a Regional Championship automatically earns:

Thus if a club based in the town of George hosted a Regional Championship for the title of HearthStone, the winner would automatically earn Eden Regional Colours and would be able to try out for a  place in the National Protea Team.

A full list of all the different regions can be found here.

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