Thursday 16 March 2017

School teams form the base of all growth.

St Stithians League of Legends team at the 2016 National Team Trials.
Gaming, whether board games, card games, esports, robotics, or wargames, is no different to any other sport when looking at best practice to promote the various games.

As with athletics, hockey, and rugby, the growth of the sport as well as the long-term survival of the code as a whole rests squarely on the support of the schools which promote the sport.

Thus MSSA actively promotes gaming at school level.

As a result, 7 new schools have already affiliated to MSSA in 2017, and another six are expected to still affiliate.

The schools, being perfect Multi Gaming Organisations (MGO's), are probably best suited to ensure the development of gaming in South Africa.

Every gamer thus owes a debt to every educator that willingly, and without reward, gives up his or her time to benefit those at school.

Educators, MSSA salutes you!

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