Tuesday 20 September 2022

African Regional Championships


Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has participated in each and every IESF World Championship since such championships were inaugurated in Taebaek, South Korea in 2009.

Whereas in those early days, national federations only had to enter their teams, currently, there are limited spaces at IESF World Championships and National Federations have a limited direct slot entry, while the remainder of the teams have to battle it out at a Regional Championship to earn their berth at IESF's prestigious 14th IESF World Championships.

Thus the 'Road to Bali' is both arduous and exciting for all participants.

MSSA has entered its Counter-Strike: GO (CSGO) team and its Tekken 7 athlete as its direct slot.

The remaining teams will travel to Abijan, Ivory Coast, to participate in IESF's first offline African Championships to see if they can warn such a berth at 14th IESF World Championships, Bali .

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