Friday 16 September 2022

How MSSA treats prize-money.

At all times MSSA attempts to protect athletes.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is nothing but fair. Being an association for its members, run by its members, and catering to the needs of its members, MSSA;s Rules and Regulations take into account the best possible outcomes.

Since, in international competition, prize money always comes into play, MSSA is cognizant of the efforts of its team members in fighting for the honour of the country and inwinning such prize money.

Thus, even though the prize money in international events is paid to the national federation, MSSA remits 80% of such prize money to the team members who were responsible in winning such.

The remaining 20% MSSA holds for development purposes. The members of the team responsible for winning such prize monies then decide on the development programme into which the 20% is paid. Such team members have full access to the accounts to ensure that such monies are spent wisely and in accordance with their wishes/

There too are many forms of development ranging from grass root programmes all the way up to elite.

Obviously, even though it is at the wishes of the players, MSSA always hopes that such funding is channelled into grass-root programmes in order to continue to grow the sport.

However, where members of a MSSA team are also members of a professional team, the payment of such winnings will be dependant on the contract between the professional team and the player. In some cases, professional teams are entitled to all earnings from participation, and in such cases, it is the athletes duty and responsibility to remit his/her share to the professional team.

In conclusion, all of MSSA's Student Team Esports South Africa shall earn 60% of the prize money to which they are entitled.

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