Tuesday 6 September 2022

Make your voice heard - get your nomination in.

According to MSSA President, Colin Webster, MSSA's constitution allows for greater upward mobility than any other South African National Federation.

Only Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) runs accredited, and official, regional, provincial, and national championships and leagues.

Serving on Mind Sports South Africa's Management Board is not for the faint-hearted as there are many tough, and some unpopular, decisions to be made on a continuous basis.

It is during these times when Board members have to stand up and be counted, times when you know that it is the right decision, albeit not a popular one. It all comes down to ethics.

Even bearing all the above in mind, the work is done gleefully by a core of volunteers who seek no reward other than seeing the various disciplines and games grow, and watch the athletes attain their full potential.

Every club may nominate athletes for the Board, and since retiring officers are not automatically made eligible for re-election, even retiring officers need to be nominated by a member club in good standing, if the following criteria are met:
  • A member club has nominated the Registered Player on the prescribed form, and
  • The Nomination Form has been submitted to MSSA on or before 1 November 2022, and
  • The Registered Player is fully-paid-up for the 2022/2023 year as at the date of nomination, and
  • The club nominating the Registered Player has paid its affiliation fees for the 2022/2023 season on or before 1 November 2022.
However it should be noted that only athletes who meet the following criteria may be elected on to the Management Board:
  1. Have served a full term on the Management Board, or
  2. Have served a full term as Provincial Director (2 year terms), or
  3. Have served two full terms as Regional Director (1 year term), or
  4. Have served two full terms on a Board of Control (1 year term), or
  5. Have earned at least ten (10) Protea caps, or
  6. Have served three years on the club committee of which they are currently a member.
All elections are done on a staggered basis, so, although the Management Board consists of 18 members, only 6 positions may be contested at the 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM). The system of doing the elections on a staggered basis allows MSSA to have a greater degree of stability as the entire Management Board is not able to be elected at any one time which preserves MSSA's continuity and knowledge base.

The positions available on MSSA's Management Board are all 3 year terms and are:
  1. Two Executive Officer
  2. Disabled Gamers' Representative
  3. Legal Advisor (only a qualified lawyer may hold this position)
  4. Students' Representative (only a student registered at a SA Tertiary institution may hoold this position)
  5. Computer Gaming Representative

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