Friday 3 February 2017

Gauteng's new Provincial Director.

Ian taking the controls of Gauteng gaming.
MSSA has just co-opted Ian Bezuidenhout at the Gauteng Provincial Director.

Such position makes Ian responsible for the events held in Gauteng as well as being the Provincial Team Manager.

But who is Ian?

Ian Bezuidenhout is all of 20 years old and engaged to the most beautiful woman ever.

Although an avid gamer, Ian too has his Private Pilots Licence and has the time, inclination, and talent to have started on his Commercial Pilots Licence.

Ian is more astute than most. Since MSSA does not accept membership of profit making ventures, Ian applied his mind, and with a little 'out-of-the-box' thinking established a non-profit club to run alongside the privately owned Clan.
Thus Ian is the owner of the Clan VexxedPhoenix, and is also the Chairman of the club that is entitled to use the VexxedPhoenix brand. As Ian states, "We are a clan that base our teams and players on being a Family. We are not just a Clan we are a Family. And as a Family VxP is trying to reach the top but also we are trying to get Gaming better name in South Africa". Being competitive, and having an eye for detail, Ian has made it quite clear that his ultimate goal is that both Clan and Club will eventually be the best.

However, knowing that gaming can not be an end in itself, Ian is also exploring ways to create jobs for Gamers, and to have Gaming as a viable career option in the future for South Africans. Together with the other owner of VxP Natasja Bezuidenhout and Ian are in the process of opening up a shop that will allow gamers to get a salary and eventually it will become a full time job for gamers. Ian's goals are no different for MSSA. It is for such reasons that Ian was co-opted by the Management Board. Ian has made it clear that his goal is to have the very best in gaming be put to the highest manner. With the experience that Ian earned in both Club and Clan, Ian has the tools to run Gauteng as the premier province. Much is thus expected of the Gauteng Provincial Teams as they get put to the test against the other provincial teams. Ian too wants MSSA to work together as a family to reach even further heights.

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