Wednesday 1 February 2017

The wheels of the bus...

Members  of SA's 2016 team at IeSF's Orientation - Jakarta.
There are a few gamers (albeit very vocal) who just do not  seem to understand the concept of, and how Mind Sports South Africa is administrated.

Mind Sports South Africa is a non-profit association of members.

As such it is there to cater first-and-foremost to its members.

MSSA is thus 'driven' by  its members and ultimately reflects the view expressed by the majority of its members as all  decisions are made by committees which  are elected by the  members for fixed terms of office.

To be selected for teams, just like in any other event, players have to participate in MSSA events.

The benefits of being affiliated are many. Such benefits include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Players have the opportunity to make their voices heard,
  • Any Registered Player (who has reached the age of majority) may stand for any position at any Annual General Meeting (AGM),
  • There is no one person who has a controlling interest,
  • MSSA's teams are  picked  on merit from members who play in MSSA events, and
  • Registered Players may become officially recognised officials and even be sent overseas for such.

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