Tuesday 21 February 2017

MSSA enjoying unparalleled growth rate.

MSSA membership keeps on growing!
MSSA was founded back in December 1985 by what was then the Transvaal Wargames Association, the Eastern Transvaal Wargames Association and the Natal Wargames Association.

Soon thereafter the Western Cape Wargames Association and the Eastern Cape Wargames Associations affiliated to MSSA.However, due to a change in philosophy and thinking in 1989, MSSA went through a change whereby clubs were allowed to affiliate directly. Such change greatly aided the good governance and transparency of the organisation.

Thus the provincial associations were dissolved by their own members.

With the clubs affiliating directly to MSSA, a greater awareness of how MSSA operates became more apparent to many more members. Not only that, but more  teams were allowed to enter the National Championships which has, over the years, been of much benefit to many gamers.

However, few years have seen the growth as seen in 2017.

With the  year only being in its second month, MSSA has already accepted 10 new clubs into membership.

There is now only one province in which MSSA does not have a footprint, and if things carry on at this rate, soon MSSA will have a footprint in each and every province.

If you have a team that wants to become a legal body and affiliate to MSSA, please write to the General Secretary at mindsportssa@iafrica.com.

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