Thursday 2 February 2017

So who are really the community leaders?

Decisions being made.
Over the past number of months and years, the general population has witnessed a number of polls and elections. Some have caused outrage by those whose views/candidates did not win. Others have been accepted with quietness and calmness that befits a true democracy.

That is in fact the hallmark of a democracy. You do not always get what you want, but you have to accept the outcome and ensure that there is a peaceful transition of power. Any contestation of results must be done legally and in the proper manner.

Those that take to the streets in violent protest have no real interest in democracy or the rule of law.

Such people often chant that they are the community leaders, but no-one has voted them in, nor do they feel that they are accountable to anyone.

So it is with gaming in South Africa as many individuals protest long and loud that they are community leaders.

However, no-one has voted them in, nor do they feel the need to be accountable.

Instead such 'community leaders' behave as if they were demagogues who demand that others comply with their demands and criticize those that refuse to do so.

Woe betide those who dare to do things differently as such will 'troll' any other opinion, and in my opinion, in a malicious manner, much reminiscent of the 'playground bully'. Yet when confronted for their actions, such individuals are quick to play the victim.

That is the undeniable strength of MSSA, every person on every committee can only be there if due process is followed. Such office -bearers are either there because they have been voted in, or in the case of a vacancy - co-opted.

At elections, it is the majority vote that holds sway.

Thus, those who continually complain are either those who are the disaffected minority who want to enforce their views on the majority, or those who refuse to take part in a democratic process for whatever reason.

MSSA, remains committed with its open-door policy.

MSSA does not bear any grudges against anyone and any club, as long as it meets the constitutional requirements, may affiliate.

Democracy rules in MSSA!

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