Thursday 9 February 2017

MSSA not owned by anyone!

Just one of the many benefits offered by MSSA - international competition.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) takes the legal form of an unincorporated voluntary association.

Voluntary associations can  be defined as legal  relationships that  arise from an agreement to achieve a common objective, primarily other than making and division of profits.

MSSA is endowed with a legal personality which is based on its constitution, objectives and activities, as inferred from MSSA's rules.

As such MSSA has perpetual succession, that  is, it may continue to exist from year-to-year in spite of changes of its membership. MSSA too is separate from its members, and no member is allowed to acquire any interest in the assets of MSSA.

As such, nobody owns MSSA, nor are any persons or bodies allowed to own any part of MSSA.

Any Registered Player may too be elected onto any committee.

MSSA exists as long as there is a multiplicity of members.

The membership itself consists of unincorporated associations, non-profit companies, and schools.

Affiliation to MSSA is done according to procedure as set out in MSSA's Constitution and Regulations. 

Since membership is based on contract, member clubs enjoy specific benefits which are wide ranging and important to the life and existence of MSSA.

Such rights include, but are not limited to, nominating candidates for election, voting, participation in MSSA events, and so forth.

Thus MSSA is the only true vehicle that can truly represent gamers.

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