Tuesday 14 February 2017

"We are the Spartans!" - SAHETI

Back row (left to right): Alexis Apollonatos, Peter Cambanis, William van Straten
Front row (left to right): Ilias Varnavides, Alessandro Gomes
SAHETI has a proud record in eSports. Having developed Gabriella Isaacs who served in MSSA's 2012 Protea eSports Team at IeSF's 4th World Championships - Cheonan, the school has consistently maintained a high standard.

Thus at MSSA's 7th Online School Provincial Championships played on 11 February 2017, SAHETI again entered teams of high quality into the CounterStrike: GO title.

CounterStrike: GO remains the most popular title within MSSA's stable of titles as played at school championship level.

Going into the championships as the third seed, the SAHETI team (appropriately named 'Spartans A') knew that they had a hard day ahead of themselves. There too was a great deal of uncertainty as 10 new teams also entered the event.

The first two games progressed smoothly, with the 'Spartans A' taking the games 16 - 1, and 16 - 5.

However, in the third round, 
the 'Spartans A' faced their old adversaries, and 2nd seed, Parklands College. The contest between the two ended in a draw, which left the result of the championship uncertain.

As usual, the championship also produced a few upsets. Cedar House had quietly crept up, and by the end of the 4th round were just 1 point behind 'Spartans A'.
The Battle of Thermopylae was like a Sunday picnic compared to the epic proportions of the clash between the 'Spartans A' and Cedar House. 
The game would ultimately decide on which team would be the ultimate victor in the CounterStrike: GO title.

It was a close match (16 - 11), but 'Spartans A' (of SAHETI) wrested the laurels from Cedar House.
The top three teams are:

POSTeam NameSchoolTotal
2PG18Parklands College11
3Cedar HouseCedar House9

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