Wednesday 22 February 2017

Schools play a pivotal role in developing esports.

SAHETI's CounterStrike team - the School Online Champions.
With over 60 schools affiliated to Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), it  seems as though  there is now no stopping the growth of eSports in South Africa.

Growth of esports as a sport is utterly dependant on participation at school level as the schools not only to create a 'breeding ground' for gamers, but also a greater popular base.

The support of schools plays a pivotal role in ensuring that a sport will grow and prosper as schools create a greater 'consciousness' of the sport among educators, learners, parents and the general public at large.

Through schools, all the correct boxes are ticked, as the schools themselves promote many of the criteria for  the development of a true sport, being:
  • Becoming an active 'athlete'
  • Instilling an ethos of 'fair play'
  • Becoming a volunteer
  • Becoming a supporter of a team/individual

Schools too provide sponsors with fantastic opportunities as the schools are the true MGO's (Multi Gaming Organisation) in South Africa. With the large base of gamers at school, schools can field multiple teams in practically all games played at competition level.

Not only do the schools have multiple teams, but the schools have a deeper reach. The 'reach' extends not only to the current learners, but to their parents as well as to the 'old boys' as well. To see the pride displayed by almost every member of the Old  Edwardian Society of the fact that the School has the current national champion is most heart-warming.

The 'reach' of a school thus runs into the tens of thousands.

With gaming being accepted at school level, there is going to be a total re-vamp of gaming in South Africa as young stars emerge from school level to challenge the status quo.

It is this challenge that will further improve the competitive level of South African gaming.

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