Monday 6 February 2017

Questions asked about 2017 Online School Provincial Championships - 11 February 2017

Oakhill in play.
While schools rush trying to finalise the last minute preparations about MSSA's 2017 Online School Provincial Championships - 11 February 2017, questions are coming in fast and furiously.

One such question is: how many teams may a school enter?

The answer is simple.

A school may enter as many teams into team  events and as many individuals into individual events as it likes.

Thus a school may enter 5 teams into CounterStrike, 4 teams into League of Legends, 4 teams into DotA, 8 players into HearthStone, 6 into FIFA '17, and so forth.

The reason for this is that schools are the ultimate MGO's with a reach and membership far surpassing any other.

Once the talent is properly unlocked at school level, South Africa's standard of play will improve exponentially which will allow South African club teams to take on the best, and, perhaps even get out of group stages.

The titles to be played are:

AOSDota 2PC5 v 5
League of LegendsPC5 v 5
VainGloryTablet/cell3 v 3
CardHearthStoneMulti1 v 1
FightingTekken Tag Tournament 2Console1 v 1
RTSStarCraft IIPC1 v 1
SportFIFA '17Console1 v 1

The championship structure may be viewed here:

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