Thursday 16 February 2017

Northcliff High shows its skills.

Northcliff High School's Mikhyle Naidoo 
As mentioned in my article "Northcliff dominates VainGlory.", Northcliff has a long (in eSports terms) and successful history in eSports having produced not only Provincial and national champions, but also having produced members of the national team as well.

Thus it is no surprise that, at 
MSSA's Online School Provincial Championships played on 11 February 2017, Northcliff High School once again demonstrated its commitment to eSports by dominating the title FIFA '17.

And dominate it, they did...

Northcliff High School took all three of the top places.

However, special mention must obviously go to
Mikhyle Naidoo who through his unsurpassed skill, lead from the beginning to take the title  of overall  MSSA School Online Champion.

The results of the top three are:

PosTeam NameSchool
1Mikhyle NaidooNorthcliff High School
2Joshua WilliamsNorthcliff High School
3Kristian VolekNorthcliff High School

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