Sunday 12 February 2017

Winners of MSSA's 7th Annual Online Schools Championships

Hoƫrskool Lichtenburg giving it their all.
On 11 February 2017 MSSA held its 7th Annual Online Schools Championships.

The championships were more than competently umpired by Ryan Boyes (Head Umpire), Jason Batzofin, Jessie Joubert, and Colin Webster.
The championships involved more schools than ever before from seven provinces, and many of the top private and public schools were represented.

Every year more-and more schools affiliate to MSSA, and many predict that within the next four years, the school online league shall involve more schools than any other sport.

Players were able to participate in CounterStrike: GO, DotA 2, FIFA ’17, HearthStone, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Tekken Tag Tournament II, and VainGlory.

The Online Schools Championships is the breeding ground for the National Protea Teams, and the schools championships allows players to qualify for the coveted National Team Trials which are to be held on 4 June 2017.

MSSA believes that the Online School Championships remains an important foundation phase to the development of eSports as a whole. MSSA is too of the opinion that the winning winning teams and players will go on to rattle the cages off the older teams and successfully challenge the 'status quo' of the senior teams which will ultimately provide the competition needed for South African gaming to improve upon its current standards.

The winners of the championships are:

TitleTeam nameName of school
CounterStrike: GOSpartans ASAHETI
DotA 2ParklandsParklands College
FIFA'17Mikhyle NaidooNorthcliff High School
Gadi FriedmanCamps Bay
Sheldon ArendseCamps Bay
League of LegendsFuga DraconesHoƫrskool Wonderboom
StarCraft II
Dylan van HeerdenParklands College
Adam KnoesenParklands College
Tekken Tag Tournament II
Connor ChaplinNorthcliff High School
Nadine SwartHTS Witbank
VainGloryPr0NHSNorthcliff High School

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