Friday 24 February 2017

MSSA committed to international competition.

MSSA's Colin Webster as a panelist at the Global E-Sports Executive Summit in China.
While organisations come-and-go, and some private organisations seem to be fickle in offering competitions to only dash the hopes of gamers upon the rocks by not remaining constant, IeSF and MSSA remain true to their membership and offer championships year-in-and-year-out.

With Africa being replaced by Brazil (which in itself is understandable as Brazil has a larger gaming community), gamers in South Africa should now realise that events driven by private profit-making organisations have their own agenda which is mainly about profit.

Non-profit organisations like IeSF and MSSA have a very different approach.

For such non-profit organisations, while it  is important to break-even if not make a profit, the main concern is growth and development.

Thus IeSF has, against all odds run its World Championships consistently since 2009 making it one of the oldest events in the gaming calendar.

Year Title Location
2009 IeSF Challenge TaebaekSouth Korea
2010 IeSF Grand Final Daegu, South Korea
2011 IeSF World Championship Andong, South Korea
2012 IeSF World Championship Cheonan, South Korea
2013 IeSF World Championship BucharestRomania
2014 e-Sports World Championship BakuAzerbaijan
2015 e-Sports World Championship SeoulSouth Korea
2016 e-Sports World Championship JakartaIndonesia

MSSA too strives to develop and grow gaming at every level.

As a result, MSSA is utterly committed to participating in international competition.

Instead of hand-picking teams, players qualify for National Team Trials in a transparent system in order to deliver an annual national Protea Team.

It is therefore not surprising that through MSSA that 133 eSports athletes have received National Colours.

Will you be one of them?

The  numbers of players that have officially represented South Africa in eSports are:

Year# of National Players (overseas)# of National players (Test Match in SA)# of National Players (online test matches)Annual total
20124 (1)0913
20115 (2)005
20055 (3)005

  1. Gabriela Isaacs won silver at IeSF's 4th World Championships - Cheonan.
  2. Jaco Engelbrecht won silver at IeSA - Jeju.
  3. Logan Brooke-Smith won gold at World Cyber Games.

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