Friday 3 February 2017

So how does MSSA's committee work?

Morizane Boyes - MSSA's current President.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) came into being in 1985, and since then has done an enormous amount of gaming.

It is through MSSA that  gaming was accredited as a sport. In 1991 MSSA was allowed to award Springbok Colours, and in 1994, MSSA was part of the decision making process to adopt the Protea as the emblem.

It has not been an easy road.

If it all rested on the shoulders of one person the organisation would have failed, but fortunately MSSA has always had a committee of passionate volunteers driving the organisation forward.

All decisions are made by the committee and are voted upon.

Although the President speaks for MSSA, the President may only enforce  the will of the committee.

Thus when any other organisation deals with a MSSA official, before agreement can be reached, such official must present the 'deal' to the committee for approval. The committee then debates  the issues and decides on such matter.

No official in MSSA is above the committee.

All discussions and decisions are too recorded which enforces good governance.

Thus MSSA may take a little time to come to decisions, but the result is always well thought-out.

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