Wednesday 15 February 2017

MSSA - Bigger, better, stronger!

Morizane Boyes - president of  Mind Sports South Africa.
MSSA's 7th Schools Online Championships has certainly proved that MSSA has what it takes.

Even though there are more schools than ever before affiliated to MSSA, MSSA ran a highly successful championship for which MSSA has only received praise from Educators, parents and learners alike. The number of private clubs has also grown substantially while the old stalwarts remain and improve upon the foundation. There is a hard-core of member clubs that have had continuous membership since the 1980's.

This all comes from the Management Board's unified approach to resolving, and, deliberating upon issues. 

MSSA speaks with one voice, as all decisions are voted upon and are passed by majority vote. No individual may make decisions for MSSA without first obtaining the right to do so from the Management Board as a whole.

MSSA is governed by committee that operates entirely within the framework of its Constitution and Regulations.

The goals, vision, and objectives remain fixed, as usual, on obtaining greater membership, and the delivery of Regional, Provincial, and National teams across all of its disciplines.

Thus MSSA is, remains, and will continue to be the largest recognised association for gamers in South Africa.

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