Monday, 28 November 2022

IESF puts out call for nominations for IESF Athletes' Committee.

IESF's first Athlete's Commission as elected in 2016: Koen Schobbers (Netherlands), Young Ho Lee, Mr Jun (the then President of IeSF), Jason Batzofin (South Africa), and Leonardo Ribas (Brazil), absent Madelaine Leander (Sweden).

For five years Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) had one of its athletes on IESF's Athletes' Commission.

With the IESF launching its Athletes' Commission in the Hilton Hotel in Shangai in 2016, the Athletes' Commission was instrumental in ensuring the rights and interests of athletes were always taken into account at IESF's Board.

The first chairman of the Athletes' Commission, as elected in 2016, was none other than Koen Schobbers. At the same election, Jason Batzofin, who was a learner at St John's College, was elected on the committee and served with distinction.

In 2019 Jason Batzofin was elected as chairman and continued to serve with distinction until, due to unforeseen circumstances, felt the need to resign. Upon Jason's resignation, Tiffini Lim was appointed as Chairlady by IESF's Board

To stand for this important committee, National Federation’s Athletes Representative shall satisfy at least two of the points below: 

a) Shall have experience as an esports athlete; 

b) Shall have experience in esports; 

c) Have worked with their National Federation in the past three (3) years; 

d) Have represented their Member nation at an IESF-accredited event  

It must be noted that no nation may have more than one representative in the Athletes Committee.

Candidates for the Committee can register here.

Key Information:

• Registration Opens: 27 November 2022
• Registration Closes: 6 December 2022 (15:00 Bali Time)
• Voting Begins: 7 December 2022 (15:00 Bali Time)
• Voting Closes: 10 December 2022 (15:00 Bali Time)

You may find all the necessary information and regulations regarding the election here.

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