Saturday 8 April 2017

Game titles played at World Championships.

As per IeSF's press release sent out on 7 April 2017, the venue for IeSF's 9th World  Championships has been selected to be the Busan Port Authority Convention Center from November 8th to 12th, 2017.

Without any doubt, MSSA is looking forward to once again participate in the World Championships and attempt to better its current ranking of 14th in the World.

In the fast changing world of gaming, it is difficult to predict which game titles shall be selected as IeSF has many factors to consider.

One can only applaud IeSF's Secretariat for all the hard work that they put in in ensuring that the event takes place year-after-year-after-year.

The back-end done by the Secretariat, under the guidance of Alex Lim (Secretary General) is truly amazing, and only those who have run an event that included o
ver 37 countries and 400 people will understand the logistics involved.

To fully understand MSSA's commitment, please review the table hereunder which details the games played, and the South African athletes that participated.

Year venue Title Athletes Manager
2017 Busan,
South Korea
To be decided To be determined Ryan Boyes
2016 Jakarta,
CounterStrike: GO Jessie Joubert, Lyle Jeacocks, Leandré Sparks, Dillon Justus, Simon Zandstra, Jason Batzofin 
HearthStone Francois Mouton, 
League of Legends Matthew Smith, Maryke Kennard, Johan van Breda, Johan Uys, Taylor Rose, 
2015 Seoul,
South Korea
HearthStone Wynand Meiring, Johan Uys (Coach), Ryan Boyes (Manager)
League of Legends Maryke Kennard, Taylor Rose, Matthew Smith, Vasudev Stringer, Cameron Tilley, 
StarCraft II Nathan Anderson,
2014 Baku,
DotA 2 Ion Todd, Jason Bredberg, Dylan Henderson, Saleem Manjoo, Timothy van Reenen Mostert, Ryan Boyes
HearthStone Barry West,
StarCraft II Nathan Anderson,
Tekken Tag Tournament II Yolandi Williams
Ultra Street Fighter IV,Morizane Boyes
2013 Bucharest,
Alliance of Valiant Arms None Colin Webster
League of Legends Conradie van Heerden, Myburg Brink, Willem Strȍfeldt, Kyle Rhoodie, Marco Botha
StarCraft II Yolandi Williams,
Tekken Tag Tournament II Lyrene Kühn,
2012 Cheonan,
South Korea
Alliance of Valiant Arms None Colin Webster
StarCraft II Gabriella Isaacs, Robert Botha,
Tekken Tag Tournament II Lyrene Kühn, Vittorio Puissa
2011 Andong,
South Korea
FIFA Online Ian Pillay Colin Webster
StarCraft II Robert Botha
2010 Daegu,
South Korea
FIFA Online Rolando de Alveira, Abu Bakar Ebrahiem, Colin Webster
WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne Matthew Putter, Magiel de Lange
2009 Taebaek,
South Korea
FIFA Online Ruben de Freitas,
Xola Magwana
Colin Webster (Manager),
Mandus Momberg (Press)

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