Friday 21 April 2017

IeSF is calling for nominations for its Referee's Commission.

Thomas Brown at IeSF's 2016 Referee's Course in Yinchuan, China.
Many readers will remember that in 2016, MSSA's Thomas Brown (of All Stars) was selected to go to IeSF's Referees Course in Yinchuan in China. Not only did Thomas excel during the course, but he too ended up being the head referee at WCA's Grand Finals which were held in the Olympic Tennis Stadium in Beijing.

With the demands for developing referees, IeSF's Board has decided to create ‘Referee’s Commission’. 

According to IeSF, the Referee’s Commission will be conducting the following tasks.
  1. Selection of Referees for events
  2. Prepare Competition Regulation for IeSF events
  3. Prepare Competition Regulation for each game title for IeSF events
  4. Prepare training courses for Referees
  5. Assist with the running of the Academy in the following categories whether it be at a physical venue, or online, by
    a.       Providing feedback on online lecture videos of referee course
    b.       Building offline course contents and materials
    c.       Evaluating Referee Course Trainees at offline competitions.  
    d.   (Trainee – Participants of offline course of International e-Sports Academy)
  6. Create a Code of Conduct for Referees and enforce the observance thereof
  7. Create a hierarchy for Referees to be used in IeSF Championships
Thus IeSF has requested all member federations to nominate a person that they feel would be suitable for the position of Chairperson for the commission. Each member federation may only nominate one person for such position which is to reach IeSF's Secretariat before 30 April 2017

Such nomination must include:

1.      Resume of nominee that includes self-introduction and carrier
2.      Official recommendation letter (signed by president or sealed with NF stamp)

According to IeSF, the following qualities will be considered for Chairperson of Referee’s Commission

1.    Fluent English
2.    Proficiency of referee’s role or Referee’s Commission’s role stated above
3.    Ability of organizing and operating a commission
4.    Communication skill for cooperating with IeSF Board and Secretariat

The Board will elect the chairperson from the nominations made by Members in their next Board Meeting.

If you feel that you have what it takes, and are a fully-paid-up Registered Player, please contact MSSA at as soon as possible.

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