Saturday 8 April 2017

Latest League of Legends Ladder results.

The latest Ladder results have now been released.

The biggest movers are two schools from KwaZulu Natal, being Northwood High School and Empangeni High School.

Northwood is now is in 8th place in the senior ladder, an in 5th place in the schools' ladder.

Empangeni is just one position lower than Northwood which is 9th place in the senior ladder, an in 6th place in the schools' ladder.

MSSA's National League of Legends Ladder
League of Legends – SeniorLeague of Legends – Schools
PosName of PlayeryearClub
PosName of PlayeryearClub
1First team16Tuks1Fuga Dracones17Hoërskool Wonderboom
2Fuzz Logic16VexxedPhoenix2Virtual Desire Gaming17Hoërskool Wonderboom
3Fuga Dracones17Hoërskool Wonderboom3Pr0NHS17Northcliff High School
4Eternal17VXP4Team Vapor16Sasolburg
5Team Vapor16Sasolburg High5Northwood High School17Northwood High School
6Dark17VexxedPhoenix6Empangeni High School17Empangeni High School
7Gryphons16Knights Mind Sports Club7Grey High Gaming17Grey High School
8Northwood High School17Northwood High School84 Dwarfs and a Giant17Hoërskool Wonderboom
9Empangeni High School17Empangeni High School9Westville Boys High School17Westville Boys High School
10Westville Boys High School17Westville Boys High School10Jeppe High School for Boys17Jeppe High School for Boys
11Jeppe High School for Boys17Jeppe High School for Boys11SSES LOL16St Stithians
12St Stithians17St Stithians12PRIDE16Parktown Boys
13Knights15Knights Mind Sports Club13RBHS LOL17Rondebosch Boys
14White Rabbit Gaming16WRG
15Curro Klerksdorp16Curro Klerksdorp
16Gen Nightwalkers17Generation X
17Silver and Friends16WOERIES
18Dota 4 Lyf16Northcliff High
19Pride17Parktown Boys
20PR0NHS17Northcliff High
22Team Elusium17Hoërskool Wonderboom
23Virtual Desire Gaming17Hoërskool Wonderboom
24CCS Shadow Hunters16Crawford Sandton
25Second team15Tuks
26Fairmont15Fairmont High School
28K1IIJOYS16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog

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