Thursday 6 April 2017

MSSA plans mandatory doping testing for its 2017 National Team Trials

In July 2015 the International eSports Federation, told that the use of substances such as Adderall is "definitely" a problem in the field, and outlined its plans to address the problem in its tournaments. "Definitely, doping is a problem in eSports, as any other existing sport," says IeSF's General Secretary, Mr. Alex Lim. "Activities and performances can all be explained within the range of physiology, and as using the physiological approach, eSports must be directly influenced by any doping activity in terms of performance."
The IeSF has worked vigorously to establish esports as a recognised sport alongside more conventional codes and has thus partnered with TAFISA and the IAAF in recent years, and has enjoyed much success. 
As Alex Lim states, "since 2013, IeSF has been recognised as the official signatory of the World Anti-Doping Agency,". 
IeSF has thus also developed its own anti-doping regulations and conducted doping tests in line with the WADA Code and guidelines.
Many gamers since 2013 have been surprised when 'requested' to participate in the random testing procedure.
South Africa,being a full member of IeSF through MSSA, has no intention of being caught-out or  having any athlete fall foul of such testing at IeSF's World Championships.
It is for the above reason that MSSA shall have mandatory drug testing at its National Team Trials.
Players who qualify for such Trials are requested to familiarize themselves with the WADA criteria, and those under medication, are requested to comply with the rules in regard to obtaining a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).

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