Sunday 2 April 2017

MSSA, the largest member based gaming organisation in South Africa

Gamers in action at MSSA's 21st North West Championship hosted by Curro Klerksdorp.
A well run championships can make an organisation.

Over the years, MSSA has seen most of its championships grow from strength-to-strength.

The reason for continued and sustainable growth is:
  • A belief by the volunteers in the value of what they are doing,
  • Selfless dedication by the volunteers, 
  • Commitment to the sport based on serving individuals, and not making a financial profit,
  • Solid administration by both the federation and its member clubs, and
  • A strong foothold across the country.
Even though MSSA understands that some of its LAN championships wi9ll never be as popular as others due to being held in more remote areas, MSSA remains dedicated to promoting gaming throughout the country.

This is evident as MSSA continues to push to increase its footprint in all 9 provinces and in all 56 regions.

The LAN championships held in the more remote areas do not make a financial profit, and while many of such championships make a financial loss, the benefit afforded to gamers is priceless.

The policy of MSSA increasing its footprint has many benefits, a few of which are:
  • Increasing the number of clubs around the country,
  • Enhancing the competitiveness of all esports athletes - no matter where they live, and
  • Enabling a greater number of esports athletes to qualify for the prestigious
By actively promoting the policy of increasing its footprint, MSSA shows a year-on-year growth in terms of both the number of clubs and the number of players to make it the largest member based gaming organisation in South Africa.

Such growth is also responsible for South Africa to be ranked 14th in the World by International eSports Federation.

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