Friday 28 April 2017

League of Legends confirmed for IeSF's 9th World Championships - Busan

With only a month to go before MSSA's 16th Mpumulanga Championships, IeSF has disclosed the second official game title of the '9th Esports World Championship':

The game title is - "League of Legends"

League of Legends was first played at 2013 World Championship in Bucharest (Romania), and also was the official title during 2015 World Championship Seoul (Korea) and 2016 World Championship Jakarta (Indonesia). Team Korea has so far won all the LoL titles in all Esports World Championships of IeSF.

Needless to say South Africa, through MSSA, has competed in
League of Legends every year that the title was offered.
MSSA is confident that it will be able to put a squad together for 2017 that will be able to successfully challenge the other nations.

Already MSSA's LaddersRankings, and championship results show an ever improving level of competitiveness and skill.

There is no doubt that the Mpumulanga Championships, and theNational Team Trials will bring out the very best of South Africa's true competitive gamers as they battle for the prize of being selected for the Protea eSports Team that will travel to 
IeSF's 2017 9th World Championships - Busan.

For the article on CounterStrike: GO being offered as a game title, please go here.

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