Friday 7 April 2017

Previous winners of MSSA's Online Provincial Championships.

TERA| Qube (Antera)
MSSA's Online Provincial Championships is the second last event in which players can play in order to qualify for the annual National Team Trials.

The Online Provincial Championships have run annually since 2010 and is seen as a far mor efficient means of readying teams for international competition than any other system.

The 2017 Online Provincial Championships shall be played on 22 April 2017.

What is of special  interest is the number of players that have won the Online Provincial Championships who were ultimately selected for National Team duty.

The winners of the previous Online Championships are:

YearPeriod/TitleDivisionPos.Team nameClub
2014DotA 2Premier1Some Random Slackers (NotioN)Knights Mind Sports Club
High School1NWD (Coolbeesayscool)Northcliff High School
League of LegendsFemale1TMSC DatTeamTuks Mind Sports Club
Premier1TMSC JuanShotTuks Mind Sports Club

2015DotA 2Premier1TMSC|DropZoneTuks Mind Sports Club
High School1Mr ProjectOahkill College

2016CounterStrike: GOPremier1TERA| QubeAntera
Under 241Team DeltaAll Stars
High School1Phantom Troupe l BrandenFairmont High School
DotA 2Premier1Maritzburg CollegeMaritzburg College
Under 241We Took a Tower!Wits Wargames Club
High School1Broken allianceFairmont High School
League of LegendsPremier1GryphonsKnights Mind Sports Club
High School1CCS Shadow HuntersCrawford Sandton

One only has to look at those who have previously represented South Africa, being:

YearSouth African players# of players
2016Jessie Joubert, Lyle Jeacocks, Leandré Sparks, Dillon Justus, Simon Zandstra, Francois Mouton, Matthew SmithMaryke Kennard, Johan van Breda, Johan Uys, Taylor Rose, Jason Batzofin (Manager)12
2015Maryke Kennard, Johan Uys, Wynand Meiring, Nathan Anderson, Matthew Smith, Vasudev Stringer, Cameron Tilley, Ryan Boyes (Manager)8
2014Morizane Boyes, Yolandi Williams, Ion Todd, Jason Bredberg, Dylan Henderson, Saleem Manjoo, Timothy van Reenen Mostert, Barry West, Nathan Anderson, Ryan Boyes (Manager)10
2013Lyrene Kühn, Yolandi Williams, Conradie van Heerden, Myburg Brink, Willem Strȍfeldt, Kyle Rhoodie, Marco Botha7
2012Lyrene Kühn, Gabriella Isaacs, Robert Botha, Vittorio Puissa4
2011Robert Botha, Ian Pillay2
2010Matthew Putter, Rolando de Alveira, Abu Bakar Ebrahiem, Magiel de Lange4
2009Ruben de Freittas, Xola Magwana2

Details for the Online Provincial Championships may be found on:

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