Sunday 30 April 2017

DotA 2: Sinister5 ranked #1 in the country.

The Edenvale based team, Sinister5, with their provincial colours.
With teams fervently getting ready for MSSA's 2017 National Team Trials to be held on 3 & 4 June 2017, MSSA is working hard to ensure that all the admin is up to date.

Thus the rankings are being generated as a result of MSSA's Online Provincial Championships which were held on 22 April 2017.

At such Online Provincial Championships, all were astounded by the improved standard of play as teams thrashed it out for first place.

However, none shone as much  as the Edenvale based club, Sinister5, which dominated the championship from start to finish.

It is thus without any surprise that Sinister5 is now the top ranked team in the country.

However, there is always someone working harder, sleeping less, and yapping on your heels...

That team seems to be the Durban based team from Northwood High School, which after just one tournament, has forced its way into being the team ranked as the second best team in the country.

The full list of officially DotA 2 ranked teams are:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
2Northwood DOTA17Northwood High School297.1
3TMSC|DropZone15Tuks Mind Sports Club254.5
6Maritzburg College16Maritzburg College220.9
7PotM Bottom17PotM Bottom218.2
8POPOS (Parklands College)15Parklands College191
9TMSC 1st team15Tuks Mind Sports Club187.5
10Some Random Slackers15Knights Mind Sports Club186.4
11TribalGaming16Fairmont High School171.6
12Fish Hoek High School15Fish Hoek High School170.7
13Parklands16Parklands College163.5
14KWAKKIE DOTES16Tuks Mind Sports Club163.5
15We Took a Tower!16Wits Wargames Club162.8
16WYSIWYG17Jeppe Boys High School159.8
17Broken alliance16Fairmont High School154.9
18Psyduck15St John's College151.3
19PR0NHS17Northcliff High School147
20Mr Project16Oakhill College146.8
21MX (Parklands College)15Parklands College145.7
22WBHS/DOTA17Westville Boys142.1
24MC DOTA17Maritzburg College135.7
25BBC15Tuks Mind Sports Club134
26PBHS RED15Pretoria Boys High School132.9
27PBHS WHITE15Pretoria Boys High School128.8
28Kronos Spectrum15Fairmont High School125
29DUC15Knights Mind Sports Club124.2
30PIXELS15HTS Witbank123.4
31Makeshift15Fairmont High School120.9
32Grey High Gaming17Grey Highschool120
33Rondebosch15Rondebosch Boys High School117.4
35OAK$15Oakhill College112.6
36Kappa Knights16Fairmont High School111.6
38APTWE16Tuks Mind Sports Club105
39Team Craig16Northcliff High School97.1
40Flaming Bunnies16Fairmont High School95
41[PRIDE]17Parktown Boys' High School92.5
42PORAXYSM16All Stars90
43Quantum17Curro Klerksdorp85
44SPS15HTS Witbank80
45HELION17Uplands College75.5
46TMSC 2nd team15Tuks Mind Sports Club75
47PR0NHS TML15Northcliff High School71
48Raven Gaming15Fairmont High School69.9

Other rankings published by MSSA are:

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