Tuesday 25 April 2017

School teams that have earned High School Provincial Colours - CounterStrike: GO

Soviet UnicornZ of Midstream College with their Provincial  Colours.
Seven of the seventeen high school teams that participated in MSSA's 2017 On-line Provincial Championships in CounterStrike: GO, held on 22 April 2017, have qualified for High School provincial colours.

Please note that the High School Provincial Colours are only awarded to  the players in each team who were part of the teams that finished in the top 50% of at least two MSSA provincial Championships.

MSSA congratulates all  those  who have earned the award, and hopes that the achievement will spur the teams on to even greater heights.

The teams are:

Team name School
Soviet UnicornZ Midstream College
Hoërskool Lichtenburg Hoërskool Lichtenburg
Qantum Curro Klerksdorp
Cedar House Cedar House
District_Zero Protea Heights Academy
MC GO 1 Maritzburg College
WBHS Westville Boys

Should the following two teams finish in the top half of another MSSA Provincial or National Championship (including the Online Inter-School League), the players of such teams  shall also earn the right to wear Provincial High School Colours.

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