Saturday 8 April 2017

FC Lausanne-Sport enters eSports!

FC Lausanne-Sport enters eSports!
FC Lausanne-Sport announces the official launch of an ambitious project in the field of electronic sports. Lausanne-Sport eSports will integrate not only a high performing eSports team through the merger with the best Swiss team, Qualitas Helvetica, but will also set up a real training academy dedicated to video games. FC Lausanne-Sport has decided to become a major player in the social phenomenon represented by eSports.

In its desire to develop the Lausanne-Sport brand to attract a young audience to La Pontaise and to the new complex of La Tuilière in the summer of 2019, the LS finalized an agreement with the founding members of the Qualitas Helvetica team which will from now on play under the name of Lausanne-Sport eSports. 

The new structure, resulting from the merger, will participate in the most important national and international competitions. It will be active on the most popular games, such as FIFA, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Rocket League and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

An efficient and ambitious team

The aim is to bring the blue and white colors of the capital's club to the top of the podium in the various competitions. Alain Joseph, President of Lausanne-Sport and Frédéric Boy, President of Lausanne-Sport eSports is pleased to meet the objectives set on 14 April at the POLYLAN in Lausanne and the GAMERS ASSEMBLY at Poitiers where all Lausanne-Sport eSports teams will be hired.

Creating an eSports Academy

Contrary to other football clubs, the Lausanne club's project goes far beyond just sponsoring a team.

In line with the current LS Academy Camps organized for young people aged 7 to 14, the LS approach aims to provide a real training structure for young French-speaking gamers in a healthy environment.

ESports: an industry with phenomenal growth

With more than 250 million fans around the world, full stadiums, planetary stars who compete against each other, video game competitions have left the lounges to become a true social phenomenon. The numbers watchinng the finals of the major eSports championships regularly exceed those of other major sports.

Lausanne-Sport eSport has the will to shine in this field on the international scene!

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