Wednesday 26 April 2017

DotA 2 teams that have already qualified for National Team Trials.

Sinister5 is among the contenders for Protea Colours.
MSSA's 2017 National Team Trials shall be held on 3 & 4 June 2017.

It is most exciting to see the number of teams that have already qualified for the Team Trials for DotA 2.

Already 13 teams have qualified, and of those 13 teams, 11 of the teams are school teams. The upward mobility of the school teams shows that there is a lot of promise in South African gaming. The development of the school teams is a cornerstone of the future success of South African gaming on an international level.

It is at such National Team Trials that the team to officially represent South Africa shall be selected.

It should however be noted that, although the team has qualified, the players that earned such qualification may not be substituted for players that have not qualified for such 'Trials'.

The teams that have qualified are:

Team Name Club Where qualified
An Skeletons Parklands College S A Schools
Mr.Poject Oakhill College S A Schools
Northwood DOTA Northwood High School Online Provincial Championships
Parklands Parklands College Online School Championships,
PotM Bottom PotM Bottom Gauteng,
Quantum Curro Klerksdorp North West
Sinister5 Sinister5 North West, Online Provincial Championships
Sp4rt4ns SAHETI Gauteng, Online School Championships,
Team Craig NCLF S A Nationals
Titans VexxedPhoenix S A Nationals
TML NCLF S A Nationals
WBHS Westville Boys High School Online School Championships, Online Provincial Championships
Wysiwyg Jeppe High School for Boys Gauteng,

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