Sunday 8 October 2017

Building from the ground up!

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is the largest membership based gaming organisation in South Africa which is based on the number of clubs affiliated to such national federation as well as the number of players affiliated to the member clubs.

It is through such structure where clubs are directly affiliated to the national federation that allows each and every club direct access to the decision making process.

Thus as a result, any fully-paid-up member club is able to nominate any registered player for positions on the  Management Board. Only the  positions of President and 1st Vice-President require a person to have already served one full term on the Management Board.

Because the clubs have direct access, clubs are able to fully represent their members in terms of which games are to be played at Provincial and national championships.

The phenomenal growth currently being experienced by MSSA is due to encouraging growth at the grass-roots level by encouraging and facilitating development.

Since the survival of all sport requires a strong foundation for all levels to become sustainable, the work that  MSSA is doing by continually enforcing the foundation phase becomes more-and-more important.

Only with strong, and financially secure, clubs can the various MSSA disciplines (boardgames, esports, wargames) continue to grow and flourish.

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