Wednesday 25 October 2017

NWU has three players with Protea Colours.

From left to right: Esmari Swart, Simone Beck, and Elishia Retief.
The growth of all sports is dependent on having solid development programmes in place which take into account all members of the population of both genders.

Thus since 1997, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has been fortunate to have 27 women represent South Africa in its various disciplines at the highest levels.

The women who have represented South Africa, have always done so with pride and distinction, and have often out-performed their male counterparts.

Currently North West University has three of South Africa's top gamers studying in its hallowed halls.

The three gamers are:

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  1. NWU is doing great and to all three of you guys from the NWU mind-sport based at VAAL campus we says thank you and congratulations, we proud of you guys kee up the good work. we thank you Esmari Swart, Simone Beck and Elishia Retief. well done do more and go for more. NWU Appreciate you guys.