Thursday 5 October 2017

Online Inter-school Provincial Championships set for 10 February 2018

SAHETI's CounterStrike: GO team.
Looking at Mind Sports South Africa's proposed 2018 Calendar of Events, the reader will immediately notice that MSSA's 2018 Online Inter-school Provincial Championships has been scheduled for 10 February 2018.

This is a championship that is both growing in numbers and quality of play and will be entering its eighth year. The championships allows the learners at school level to get themselves ready for the rest of the year's events.

Not only are provincial colours at stake, but there are the bragging rights that go along with such.

More importantly, the championship counts towards National Team Trials.

It is at such Trials that MSSA selects the national Protea team  that shall officially represent South Africa at IeSF's 10th World Championships.

MSSA is still expecting even more schools to affiliate in 2018 than what did in 2017 which will continue to enhance the status of 2018 Online Inter-school Provincial Championships. 

The winners of the 2017 Online School Championships were:

TitleTeam nameName of school
CounterStrike: GOSpartans ASAHETI
DotA 2ParklandsParklands College
FIFA'17Mikhyle NaidooNorthcliff High School
Gadi FriedmanCamps Bay
Sheldon ArendseCamps Bay
League of LegendsFuga DraconesHoërskool Wonderboom
StarCraft II
Dylan van HeerdenParklands College
Adam KnoesenParklands College
Tekken Tag Tournament II
Connor ChaplinNorthcliff High School
Nadine SwartHTS Witbank
VainGloryPr0NHSNorthcliff High School

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