Wednesday 18 October 2017

Sweden's team for IeSF's 9th World Championships - Busan

The Swedish CounterStrike: GO team.
Sweden, like South Africa, has sent a team to IeSF's World Championships every year since the inception of such world championships in 2009. 

The Swedish team shall consist of all three esports titles being, Tekken 7, CS:GO and League of Legends.

Team Sweden that will proudly participate at IeSF's 9th Esports World Championships - Busan consists of the following athletes:
Captain: Alexander Ferm
League of Legends: Samuel Persson, Jens Edvinsson, Calle Dargren, Stass Skopin, Ivan Klingberg
CSGO: Pontus Perlborn, Hugo Cortes Lopez, Kevin Nilsson, Kalle Persson, Alexander Carlsson

Tekken 7: Adam Ayachi

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