Thursday 19 October 2017

Proposals for esports titles are rolling in.

Schools remain the foundation of growth and development.
On 16 October 2017, MSSA posted an article that it will be reviewing the esports titles at its Annual General Meeting.

Member clubs have already started to submit titles that they would like to see played at Provincial and National Championships.

Some of the proposals are for Overwatch, Rocket League and Quake Live.

The process that must be  followed to nominate esports titles is very simple, and is open to every fully-paid-up member club, being:

  • Member clubs must submit their proposals to MSSA on or before 1 November 2017,
  • All the proposals are then put on the agenda  which is sent out to the member clubs at least 21 days before MSSA's AGM on 3 December  2017, and
  • All member clubs vote on the proposals.
Of course preference is always given to:
  • Esports titles played at IeSF World Championships,
  • Esports titles that are well supported by the membership during the previous year,
  • Esports titles which have been proven to be popular at Regional Championship  level, and
  • Esports titles which MSSA's Council believes will be beneficial to promote.
Of course there is always a cost associated to holding championships, and with MSSA being a non-profit association, MSSA is always aware that every rand counts. Thus the titles chosen also need to  be financially viable if not having a strong  development nature attached thereto.

Member clubs are therefore welcome to submit their proposals to

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