Saturday 14 October 2017

Initio Gaming CS GO Team Takes on Europe

Initio Gaming CS GO Team Takes on Europe

With just one day before the ESL Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #273 powered by Intel Initio Gaming announces that it will be taking part with an entire Europe based Counter Strike team. The team is newly formed and this will be their first tournament together. Each player in the team has been tested before and all players boast online and LAN experience.

The team consists of five young and eager to improve athletes led by their fearless leader Jason “Salty_Jayy” Batzofin, surrounding him on all sides are the rest of the squad. Each with their own skill and each out to show Europe what they’re made of. Eddy “Fr0sty” Johnson, David "FeinT" Badalov, Niels "Nisse" Van Wayenberge and Jordan "Jarred_cat" Ayrton-turner. The team also boasts an array of Nationalities with players from the United Kingdom, Israel, Belgium and South Africa.  How these five met up and created a team we’ll never know. All we know is that they’re braying for blood and willing to go all the way to get it!

Tomorrow Sunday, the 15th October, the team will embark on the start of their journey. Members of the team will be streaming the tournament from their perspective so be sure to tune in! The tournament will start at 13H00 British Standard Time and it is a knockout tournament so the better the team does the more you’ll get to watch them!

More about the Team and the players below:

Initio Gaming:
Jason “Salty_Jayy” Batzofin
Eddy "Fr0sty" Johnson
David "FeinT" Badalov
Niels "Nisse" Van Wayenberge
Jordan "Jarred_cat" Ayrton-turner
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We wish them the best of luck! To the first of many!

Initio Gaming, from the beginning.
In the pursuit of victory!

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