Sunday 15 October 2017

SA's largest gaming body has just become bigger.

There is not a month that goes past when Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) does not accept new clubs into membership.

With MSSA having been founded back in 1985 by the Transvaal Wargames Association, the Eastern Transvaal Wargames Association and the Natal Wargames Association, MSSA has put many 'miles' under its belt to become the largest member based organisation for gaming in South Africa.

MSSA's first esport event was held in 1999, being the Gauteng StarCraft Championships of the same year.

MSSA's membership now consists of over 80 member clubs of which there are 56 official school clubs. The majority of member clubs have memberships that would impress any sporting code and could consider themselves to be true 'multi gaming organisationns' (MGO's).

There are even member clubs with memberships in excess of 300 players.

Thus, the growth now extends into most of South Africa's provinces proving again that the MSSA has the largest 'footprint' in South Africa.

Thus with MSSA accepting Vereeniging Gimnasium into membership, MSSA has become even larger than what it was before.

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