Saturday 7 October 2017

There are two types of gamer...

Robert Botha in action in Andong, South Korea.
Without doubt Robert 'PandaTank' Botha was one of the greatest gamers ever produced by South Africa. Robert first represented South Africa at IeSF's 3rd World Championships - Andong (2011), IeSF's 4th World Championships - Cheonan (2012), and in the test match against Romania held in Johannesburg against Romania (Silvui 'NightEnd' Lazar) which was held in Johannesburg in 2013 in MSSA's Protea Esports Teams. As an individual, Robert also played in privately owned competitions such as 'Dreamhack' and ESWC. At one stage Robert was even ranked eighth in the world by IeSF.

However, all good things come to an end, and Robert retired from professional gaming in 2014.

Nevertheless, Robert was a perfect example of a South African who competed in international events as well as in privately owned events held outside of South Africa. ties that got him Robert's dedication, self-discipline, enthusiasm, passion, and determination were the qualities that got him to the top echelons of gaming.

Robert, thus falls neatly into the first type of gamer.

The first type of gamer who is desirous of getting into a national team in order to compete at the highest levels. Once in international competition, such gamer 'ups' his/her game in order to re-qualify for the team in order to continue to compete at such level. It becomes a  passion to compete at the highest levels, and the gamer doubles his/her efforts to improve his/her game.

Then there is the second type of gamer. This type of gamer sees international competition as part of his/her 'bucket-list'. In other words, the act of getting into a national team just becomes another item on his/her list of life-experiences. Generally speaking, this type of gamer, on returning from international competition, drops out of mainstream competition as he/she has achieved his/her objectives.

Of course, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) always attempts to put the first type of gamer into its  National Protea Teams. However, the acid test is when the gamers come up against international competition, when the intense ferocity of the highest level of play either tempers or breaks the resolve of the gamers at such event.

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