Wednesday 25 October 2017

Fragcon is on the hunt...

Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) Ladder affords clubs to provide continual events for their teams and athletes to play in order to improve their overall competitiveness.

The teams and athletes which participate on a  regular basis in the ladder, are the clubs and teams that reap the biggest rewards.

Even though MSSA's Ladder only provides bragging rights, the experience that teams and athletes develop puts such teams and athletes in good stead for other LAN championships and even for the much coveted National Team Trials.

Thus Fragcon (based in Limpopo) has seen the advantage of the Ladder, and are using it to their full advantage.

Fragcon has issued a number of challenges for esports, being as follows:

  • StarCraft II

    Pieter Jones (Fragcon) vs Wouter Lomard (Blue Dragon)Brendon Botma (Fragcon) vs Marc Magon (Blue Dragon)
    Chris Cronje (Fragcon) vs Pieter Piek (Blue Dragon)
  • CounterStrike: GO

    Fragon (Limbros Alpha: Tiaan "An4vr1n" Viljoen (Captain) Zedrigh "Jetty" Olivier (Vice-Captain) Keanu "SSK" Santoyo Siwerio Javier "Shade" Pena Varona Jose "Jotty" Perez-Zaldivar) vs Delta Team of All Stars (team members to be announced).

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