Thursday 5 October 2017

MSSA's media benefits all member clubs.

Earlier this year MSSA partnered win TULUNTULU order to create a 24/7 channel on Tuluntulu. Together with MSSA's blog page ' Esports, and other games' the channel on Tuluntulu helps give member clubs a massive reach.

The purpose of both the blog page and the Tuluntulu Channel is to help all member clubs with creating their content and getting such content out to member clubs, registered players, and members of the larger gaming society.
As long as content from member clubs is in line with MSSA criteria, such content shall be published.

Members are therefore invited to submit content so that every club may benefit in this exciting endeavour.

A special thank you must be extended to Sheraaz Nunnian (Vice-President in charge of the channel) who has taken this project under his wing, and through his efforts will see the channel take flight.

All questions must please be put on the group page as this is a learning process - for all of us.
Sheraaz Nunnian can be contacted on:

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