Saturday 14 October 2017

eSports titles to be played at 2018 School LAN Provincial and National Championships

HTS Tom Naudé in action.
Every year at Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA's) Annual General Meeting (AGM), decides of the esports game titles to be played in the next year.

Thus at MSSA's 2016 AGM the titles were decided upon for 2017.

The esports titles played at School LAN Provincial and National Championships were:

SaturdayStarCraft IILeague of LegendsHearthStoneTekken Tag Tournament II
SundayCounterStrike: GOFIFA '17DotA 2VainGlory
The decision on the esports titles to be played at MSSA's 2018 School LAN Provincial and National Championships will depend on:
  • Nominations made by member clubs,
  • Popularity of the esports title among entrants, 
  • If the esports title will promote development and representitity,
  • If the esports title will help produce future members of the Protea Esports Team, and
  • The financial affordability of promoting such esports title.
Thus all those who think changes must be made, must please discuss such with your club chairmen/chairwomen.

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