Thursday 26 October 2017

A lively debate...

The big three: Morizane Boyes (MSSA), Given Radingwana (Mega8), Cambridge Mokanyane (VS Gaming).
As Morizane Boyes (MSSA), Given Radingwana (Mega8), and Cambridge Mokanyane (VS Gaming) took to the stage, all gathered at the 3 day E-kasi Tech festival being held from 25 October - 27 October 2017 at Uncle Tom's Hall, Orlando, Soweto expected fireworks and a lively debate.

Without doubt these three individuals represent the most important role-players in the South African Esports scene. 

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), as everyone knows, is SA's national esports controlling body, whereas Mega8 and VS Gaming are the two largest and most influential esports event providers in South Africa.

Given Radingwana was the first to speak, and the audience hung upon his words. Next, Morizane Boyes gave her opening address, and was followed by Cambridge Mokanyane with his openening address.

What immediately became clear was that all three were on the same page.

The two event organisers openly admitted that what MSSA was doing was correct in terms of development, and Cambridge Mokanyane stated that development could only succeed if done at grass-root level.

Cambridge then went on to state that VS Gaming wants to work with all role-players in the esports industry to which both Morizane and Given concurred.

The debate continued, and although it was the most lively debate of the day, it  was clear that all three saw the development of esports in South Africa in the same light.

By the time the three left the stage, it was clear that there was a camaraderie between the three.

Big things are now expected.

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