Thursday 5 October 2017

Initio Gaming Signs Fury Born Gaming

Initio Gaming's logo.
Initio Gaming signs Fury Born Gaming in a hope to expand the clan across international waters.

Initio Gaming is a clan that’s dedicated to their teams, players and communities. “Initio Gaming seeks to be a professional eSports organization with a strong sense of community involvement.” This statement perfectly sums up how the clan greeted all members of Fury Born Gaming into their clan.

Initio Gaming is an American based clan which is spreading its reach across Europe. In September of this year Initio Gaming accepted Fury Born Gaming into their fold and since then it’s been go go go!

All teams, from the American teams to the European teams, have been working across the clock in an effort to better themselves and make their clan proud but none of this is possible without the clan working together. A huge amount of work has been put in by the managers and owners of Initio Gaming but a special mention must be made to thank the dedicated support of both the Fury Born Gaming sponsors and the Initio Gaming sponsors; GameServers, AFX, GameKit and Boss Boxes.

After a brief interview with the Head Manager of Initio Gaming, Nicholas "Royal" Smith, we got a very good view of what Initio Gaming is all about.

What is your involvement in Initio Gaming?
“My involvement being head manager for Initio Gaming is that I organise maintain and create teams for the organization. I have been in various leadership roles for the past 10 years and have been managing eSports team for close to a year now. I have managed teams for different games and have provided successful results for each team I was a part of.”

How did you come to bringing Fury Born Gaming into your organisation, Initio Gaming?
“I have worked with Bean [Head Manager for Fury Born Gaming] for months now as we were part of another organization together. We have similar styles of leadership so we became friends rather quickly. Working with him again feels good and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

What are your goals for Initio Gaming?
“My goals for Initio Gaming is to bring teams and build a winning platform for players to be a part of while maintaining a professional work environment. This is done via player interaction and providing proper management for players to ensure that their time is spent practicing and not on the more lucrative side of the industry. I strive to ensure that people whether they are staff or players are taken care of in the most effective way possible.”

What, broadly, are your plans for the future?
“The plans for the future are grand, with more and more attention being drawn to eSports we will do our best to stay and maintain a competitive edge. We are at a time where support for what we do continues to grow and we want to make sure we are at the forefront of the scene with the right people in charge. We have amazing players and great staff so accomplishing this goal will be as hard as any other task but with the trust between talent and management I feel strongly we can achieve whatever goal is in front of us.”

Are you excited to expand Initio Gaming into Europe?
“Expanding into Europe was a no brainer because the people there love their eSports. With large established organizations already have bases of operation there we cannot be caught by the wayside and let others take the glory. Every day we look to bring in more top notch EU players because we want to become a global presence on the stage. There are great players everywhere do not get me wrong but the passion I have seen after all my years of working in this industry I can say for sure that EU is a powerhouse with many T1 and T2 teams gathering support the community we intend to match the passion and commitment that we have achieved here in the US.”

You can feel the excitement in the air as both clans, now merged into one, begin their journey to success together.

Initio Gaming, from the beginning. 
In the pursuit of victory!

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