Sunday 31 December 2017

Getting the dreamers together.

Decision makers.
Back in 1985 a number of dreamers banded together to do for gaming what was being done for other accredited sports.

It was a dream, and back then there were detractors who fiercely believed that gaming would never be treated as a sport in South Africa. It should be remembered that chess was not considered to be a sport in those days.

Through hard-work, and sheer bloodymindedness, officials of what was to become Mind Sports South Africa hounded the then Springbok Colours Board and the South African National Olympic Committee.

Eventually persistence paid off and MSSA (as the South African Wargames Union, as it was then named) was accepted as an official national federation in 1991.

Today, there are still the dreams about which the volunteer administrators are still passionate.

The dream of official accreditation may have been achieved, but there are so many, many, more dreams. Dreams like getting gaming into the Olympics, dreams of increasing South Africa’s participation at international events, dreams of improving South Africa’s standard of play, dreams of ensuring increased funding for gaming, and so many others.

However, dreams are nothing without hard work and the coming together of like-minded individuals.

MSSA, and its affiliates, are the only bodies in South Africa that truly have the interests of the gamer at heart. MSSA does not look at the balance sheet, it looks at the long-term goals, and the expected outcomes that will propel gaming forward.

All those who dare to dream in a better gaming future in South Africa should affiliate and be part of the solution.

For more information on how to affiliate to Mind Sports South Africa, please e-mail

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