Thursday 14 December 2017

National Schools Tekken 7 Ladder.

Connor Chaplin (Northcliff High School) - 2017 National Schools Ladder Champion for the esports  title of Tekken 7.
It looks as there is going to be fierce competition in Mind Sports South Africa's National Schools Tekken 7 Ladder.

Many experts believe that the 2017 National Ladder Champion, Connor Chaplin (Northcliff High School) will have his work cut out for him as he will no doubt be challenged by Christopher Fenton (JCS Academy), Sekele Komape (Tom Naudé) and Charlize Seremak (HTS Sasolburg). Christopher, Sekele, and Charlize are all ranked in the top 5 places in the country's senior rankings, and will no doubt prove to be worthy opponents.All gamers wishing to participate in the Ladder are requested to fully acquaint themselves of the rules (

The ladder is as follows:

National TEKKEN 7 Ladder
PosName of PlayeryearSchool
1Connor Chaplin (17)17Northcliff High School
2Austin Lee17Northcliff High School
3Itumleng Moyo17Northcliff High School
4Sune van der Merwe17HTS Witbank
5Nadine Swart17HTS Witbank
6Justin Brown16Northcliff High School
7Sean Menlo16Northcliff High School
8Dylan Cook16HTS Witbank
9Filipe Batista16HTS Witbank
10Martin Van Niekerk16HTS Witbank
11Andre van Vollenstee16HTS Witbank
12Ruben van der Merwe17HTS Witbank
13James Griffiths17HTS Witbank
14Ian Erasmus17HTS Witbank
15Dewalt Oosthuizen16HTS Witbank
16Dewald Gerber16HTS Witbank
17Lwazi Mabasa17HTS Witbank
18Ian Erasmus16HTS Witbank
19Blade Burley17HTS Witbank
20Phelang Matibula17HTS Witbank
21Korben Roos16HTS Witbank
22Bongwe Mpugwa16St Conrad's
23Rudolph Hatting16HTS Witbank
24Keano Hamilton17HTS Witbank

Other National ladders are:

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