Tuesday 26 December 2017

MSSA reveals the entry fees for the 2017/2018 season.

Because Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is the largest membership based organisation for gaming in South Africa, and because the passion of those volunteers who administrate MSSA is ongoing, MSSA can continue to  run in a cost effective manner.

Those  volunteers, who forgo any personal advantage, have managed to keep costs down - even in a country where prices are forever on the rise.

By pursuing their passion, volunteers have ensured that:

  • MSSA has the largest footprint in South Africa,
  • MSSA has its own 24/7 channel on TULUNTULU on which any member club may post content,
  • MSSA holds a number of school championships,
  • MSSA holds more championships than any other organisation in South Africa,
  • MSSA has an open system of government that allows any member to rise to positions of office,
  • MSSA has sent more teams overseas than any other organisation,
  • MSSA is the only body that may award Regional, Provincial, National, and Protea Colours for gaming,
  • MSSA is the only body that may select official teams to represent South Africa,
  • MSSA is the only body in South Africa that may affiliate to CAeS, and IESF, and
  • MSSA is in the vanguard of actively developing gaming in South Africa.
The entry fees are:

Board gamesR 32.00
EsportsR 64.00
Figure gaming (wargames)R 64.00

Members are reminded that all entry fees must be paid by the club through bank transfer as MSSA does not collect entry fees at the event.

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