Wednesday 13 December 2017

Top ten rankings for the Ancients wargame.

Garth Schoeman (left) locked in battle against Colin Webster (right) with umpire, Simone Beck, watching.
The S A National Championships  (SAN) held on 2 & 3 December 2017 saw the players battle it out in one of the most hotly contested championships in South Africa for many a year.

No quarter was given, and none was asked.

When the dust settled the rankings had changed and Colin Webster has sneaked up into pole position edging Terence Allwright out of first place and into third place.

The Old Edwardian Wargames Club now holds 3 out of the top five positions.

Thus MSSA's top 10 rankings for the Ancients wargame are:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Webster, Colin (91)17Old Edwardian Wargames Club364.5
2Schoeman, Garth (02)17Knights Mind Sports Club331
3Allwright, Terence17Old Edwardian Wargames Club264.1
4Batzofin, Jason (14)17Old Edwardian Wargames Club263.2
5Retief, Elishia (14)17North West University263.2
6Barry, Sean 0917Uplands College252.6
7Getzner, Jacques17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club136.5
8Els, Anja17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club107
9Love, Dorian16St John's College100
10Schoeman, Alexander17Knights Mind Sports Club100

Other official rankings produced by MSSA are as follows:

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