Friday 8 December 2017

Pieter Oelefse (HTS Sasolburg) is now the #1 ranked player for Mortal Kombat X

Pieter Oelefse (HTS Sasolburg)
It is a great truism that while you are sleeping someone else is training.

Thus at Mind Sports South Africa's 31st SA National Championships (SAN), in the esports title of Mortal Kombat X, the tree received a good shaking, and the 'old guard' had to fight hard to maintain their positions of dominance.

Even though the 'old guard' fought long and hard, the new talent rapidly rose through the ranks.

So it was that Pieter Oelefse (HTS Sasolburg) rose from being unranked at the beginning of the championship to be ranked as South Africa's number one ranked player at the end of MSSA's 31st SA National Championships.

The achievement is quite spectacular, and it shows just what can be achieved.

The full official South African rankings are:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Pieter Oelofse17HTS Sasolburg163.8
2Jan-Hendrik van Aswegen17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog158.6
3Leigthon Howells17Cambridge High School143.6
4Joost Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports143
5Bronwyn Williams17JCS Academy137.3
6Alastair Williams17JCS Academy130
7Michael Janse van Rensburg17HTS Sasolburg119.3
8Leoné Loftus17Fakkel School118.8
9Luhan Stoltz17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog118.2
10Simone Beck17VexxedPhoenix117.7
11Rion Nelson17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog114.3
12Leonard Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports114.3
13Beon Bronkhorst17JCS Academy114.3
14Kyle Chan Some17Northcliff High School114.3
15Gawie Fick17Fakkel School114.3
16Gordon McCormack17JCS Academy114.3
17Michael van Meyeren17HTS Witbank114.3
18Phoenix Janse van Vuuren17Fakkel School114.3
19Connor Chaplin17Northcliff High School114.3
20Mark Morobane17Curro Klerksdorp114.3
21Sune van de Merwe17HTS Witbank114.3
22Kelvin Yang16Northcliff High School114.3
23Doreen Els17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club114.3
24Benniel Botha17Fakkel School114.3
25Aidan Chaplin17Northcliff High School114.3
26Theunis van der Merwe17Curro Klerksdorp114.3
27Pieter Lourens17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog114.3
28Jean Kruger17HTS Witbank114.3
29Gregory Haripersad17Maritzburg College114.3
30Jared van Biljon17Curro Klerksdorp114.3
31Hugo Venter17Fakkel School114.3
32Armand Botha17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog114.3
33Mxolisi Lukhele17Amplified Rebellion114.3
34Paula Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports114.3
35Tumelo Sesinyi17Curro Klerksdorp114.3
36Pheello Maphumane17Fakkel School114.3
37Cameron Gold17Maritzburg College114.3
38Kit Rawlings16Northcliff High School114.3
39Kabelo Mametele17Fakkel School114.3
40Tebogo Hlasa17Fakkel School114.3
41Pauliso Makhubo17Fakkel School114.3
42William Rawlings16Northcliff High School114.3
43Wesley David16Maritzburg College114.3
44Tumi Mohosho16Fakkel School114.3
45Rynardt Engelbrecht16Fakkel School114.3
46Ruan Visagie16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog114.3
47Pheelo Maphumane16Fakkel School114.3
48Mellie Nienaber16Fakkel School114.3
49Logan Ortner16Northcliff High School114.3
50Kyle Turnbull16HTS Witbank114.3
51Bonga Zwane16HTS Witbank114.3
52William Kruger16Fakkel School114
53Gift Maleko17JCS Academy113.5
54Gareth van Straten16HTS Witbank112.6
55Mpho Ntsala16Fakkel School111.2
56Simone Otto17Tom Naude110
57Riaan Kruger16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog109.1
58Sibusiso Nabileyo16Fakkel School109
59Chris Marie16Fakkel School108.8
60Wernich ‘Panda’ Botha17JCS Academy108.5
61Korben Roos16HTS Witbank107
62Xavier Rodrigues17JCS Academy106.4
63Bongwe Mpugwa17Curro Klerksdorp106.3
64Robyn Gertzen17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club106.2
65Logan Ortner17Northcliff High School105.7
66Angelique Taljaard17Fakkel School105.3
67Alwyn van Wyk16Maritzburg College105.1
68Tiffany Blignaut17JCS Academy104.9
69Armandt Welgemoed17Curro Klerksdorp104.9
70James Griffiths17HTS Witbank104.5
71Gomo Hdlozi16HTS Witbank104
72Conor Kisbey-Green17Maritzburg College104
73Brandon Watts17Northcliff High School102.5
74Ronin Brookes17Sasolburg High School101.3
75Michael Masikeng16Fakkel School101.3
76Leo Janse van Rensburg17Maritzburg College100.7
77Tania Brown16All Stars100
78Reginald Mofokeng16Fakkel School100
79Michael Retief16Old Edwardian Wargames Club100
80Joel van Wyk17All Stars99.8
81Jacobus Direko16Fakkel School99.8
82George Griffiths16HTS Witbank99.8
83Wihan van Wyk16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog99.3
84Tshepo Matitwane17Fakkel School99.3
85Ruben du Preez17Maritzburg College99.3
86Khahliso Malepe16Fakkel School99.3
87Lesedi Motale16Curro Klerksdorp98.8
88Kaitlyn Creighton17Masters of Mind Sports98.1
89Joshua Jansen van Vuuren16Northcliff High School97.5
90Tumi Jourdan16Northcliff High School95
91Rynard Cockeran17Masters of Mind Sports95
92Riana du Plessis16All Stars95
93Peter Jones17Fragcon95
94Learvene Winkler16Maritzburg College95
95Christopher Fenton17JCS Academy95
96Kristen Cockeran17Fakkel School90.3
97Damien Avis16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog90.3

Other official rankings produced by MSSA are as follows:

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